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Our Mission

BSA is committed to bring creativity to the beautiful game, contributing to the formation of the players by presenting necessary skills to excel in the sport and instill lessons that will last a lifetime.

Our Vision

To educate for life through soccer.


In August of 2004, after graduating in Physical Education and stop playing in Sao Paulo, Rafael Da Silva received an opportunity to study in Canada through a scholarship program. "Soccer in Canada?" That was his first question, for obvious reasons. After a little more research about Canada, he felt in love with the culture and decided to quit his job as a physical education teacher and throw himself in this new adventure.

After spending one year playing and studying in Toronto, he realized how great was the potential for the beautiful game to grow in Canada. Wow! So many great players and amazing facilities! His question now was: "why is Canada still struggling in soccer?" He went out and researched a lot about the training systems and coaching styles in different clubs and academies in Ontario. That was crucial for him to come to a conclusion about the reason for the low development level around. How can players perform at their best if their coaches and systems of play doesn't allow that? How can a player develop at their full potential if coaches are always "cutting their wings" by simply limiting and locking them up in a single game format? How can practices be fun without fun? And finally: how can players fully develop if they are not having fun?

Rafael went back to Brazil looking for real developmental training systems. Looking for the training secrets of a country that produces the most skillful players in the world for ages! After 6 months experiencing different environments in Brazil, the answer was too obvious: CREATIVITY. 

Back in Canada, he decided to cooperate with the development of the sport in Canada and the Brazilian Soccer Academy was established in January of 2010.

"Managing dreams" is not an easy task. That's one of the most important skills required to succeed as a sport instructor. More than 80% of the kids enrolled in sports also dream about getting to the next level and we know that becoming a soccer player is not an easy task. It is a combination of talent, opportunity and a little luck. With that in mind, we understand that soccer can be used as a powerful weapon to transform players but also, transform human beings. 

Once again, Brazilian Soccer Academy is willing to bring players to perform at their best (whatever their best are), but also, we are committed to bring joy and life lessons that players will keep forever.

What do you do with the kid that does not have the talent? How can we also get the most from them? How can we keep all players engaged and challenged at every single training and game? How can we make them fly in their dreams and at the same time keep their feet on the ground? What about confidence, teamwork, leadership? How can we ensure they are having fun?!

Life skills that they will use forever. 

Those are questions we are constantly asking ourselves in order to build the best environment for our players. 

‚ÄčOur program focus on developing technical skills, speed of thought, tactical awareness, and most important: CREATIVITY! 

The Brazilian Soccer Academy introduces the "Brazilian Style" training which consists in instilling in the players the idea of playing soccer as "having fun with responsibility". We provide our players with the most different tools to solve problems within the game, always encouraging creativity through fun activities and drills.

The activities are developed in order to raise the players skill level, and consequently, prepare them for a more competitive challenge but most important: prepare them for life.

In our country, children play soccer for two main reasons: necessity and joy. For some, that's the only option they have in life and they still enjoy every single moment of a soccer practice. They understand that talent and opportunities don't "fall from the sky" and if they want to succeed, they need to be their best selves. They need to be different, they need to be creative. 

Wanna try some creativity? 


Welcome to BSA family!

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